a day in a carers life

Being a Carer is exactly what it says in the name. caring…. it’s a lot more than taking people to the toilet. It’s a lot more than feeding those who can’t them selves. It’s being a friend. It’s being someone they love. It’s being someone they trust. Someone they rely on. Someone they want toContinue reading “a day in a carers life”

Bumping into the past when your at peak

Ever seen an ex when you least expect it? A previous encounter that didn’t end so good? A previous encounter that never really ended at all? Someone you spoke to for a little while saw a few times but then it fizzled out? Now tell me… How amazing does it feel when your feel atContinue reading “Bumping into the past when your at peak”

Instagram – so addictive but soul destroying

Everyone loves Instagram. Scrolling, hash tagging, watching what your favourite celebs are upto? Following your friends and family on all their adventures. Shopping for just about absolutely anything. The fact you can message absolutely anyone on the Instagram web. Amazing right? But Instagram can actually take over your mind. Destroy your soul. Take away anyContinue reading “Instagram – so addictive but soul destroying”

Online Dating

online dating…. half the population live by it and half the population wouldn’t dream of it. The truth is…. online dating is what you make of it. You make a profile, upload your best pictures. Find people you think are attractive and get chatting right??? Oh it is not as easy as that… Tinder- youContinue reading “Online Dating”

life being with a narcissist

when I was 16 when I met my ex. We will call him M. Ok so when I met M he was actually a friend of a friend and he wasn’t someone I ever found attractive but he was so cheeky and cocky and I loved that. I was warned by a few that heContinue reading “life being with a narcissist”

Weight. Why it ruins us inside.

Going right back to when I was 16. I was stick thin and I’d just left high school and I still thought I was fat!!!!!! Here is what I thought was fat… This was my prom… yeah exactly. Nothing to me. It’s mad how every time you look in the mirror you just see aContinue reading “Weight. Why it ruins us inside.”

scary but magical

The truth is… I’ve been single for 3 years. It sounds a long time right??? Sounds so boring and lonely and to be honest at the start it was. But realistically it’s so dangerous because low I’m 3 years into the single life and I don’t feel like anyone can come close to hurt me.Continue reading “scary but magical”