a day in a carers life

Being a Carer is exactly what it says in the name. caring….

it’s a lot more than taking people to the toilet. It’s a lot more than feeding those who can’t them selves.

It’s being a friend. It’s being someone they love. It’s being someone they trust. Someone they rely on. Someone they want to be around.

Your there the moment they open their eyes to say good morning. Your there when they go to sleep and to say good night. You wipe their tears when they cry. You smile when they laugh. you help them when their frustrated. you calm them down when their angry.

It’s like having a load of grand parents.

And everyone single one of them knows little things about you as you do them.

A daily routine goes something like this for an elderly person in a home

Good morning

Get ready









Tea time




Your there for every single second of that. But not just for one for everyone.

Being a carer sounds like a good daily routine doesn’t it????

& it can be sometimes.

Everyday is different….

There’s falls, deaths, ambulances, doctors, sick, blood, tears…

They tell you to not get attached but it’s impossible. Your there through everything. You never switch off. You find yourself going home worrying and panicking. You find yourself in the toilet wanting to scream. You find yourself crying. You find yourself skipping breaks. You find yourself staying later than you should. You find yourself not sleeping so good as so much is on your mind. You find yourself picking up extra shifts.

A Carer is not a job you do for money. A Carer isn’t just a job. It’s a life style. It’s because you care big. You love big. have a big heart.

Published by A little bit of this and a lot of that

23 years old. Live in Lytham St Annes. Care Assistant. Big Heart. Big dreams. A lot to say.

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