being lied to.

Being lied to is officially the most disappointing thing. It’s that ‘ I’m not angry I’m just disappointed ‘ feeling.

It’s quite heart wrenching. But it’s also quite degrading. Because it means you wasn’t worth the truth. That hurts more.

Whenever you have a gut feeling always trust it as I always do and 80% of the time I’m right.

Being lied to, you can ask why they lied to over and over again but the truth is they won’t know or they will think that it was going to protect you from the truth.

But I think we’d all rather deal with the truth and get over it.

They lied because they didn’t want to lose you? Well they lost you for good even more for lying.

Being lied to makes so many questions run through your head.

Why would they?

What could possibly make them do that to you?

What was being covered up?

Why do I feel so hurt by this?

Truth is. Trust is the main factors of any relationship whether it be a partner a friend or a relative. When you trust someone you expect them to trust you back. That means telling the truth. Not hurting you. The basics really…

But the truth is not everyone has the same heart as you and not everyone has the same intentions as you….

trust yourself.

expect nothing from anyone and that way you can’t be hurt.

Published by A little bit of this and a lot of that

23 years old. Live in Lytham St Annes. Care Assistant. Big Heart. Big dreams. A lot to say.

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