Instagram – so addictive but soul destroying

Everyone loves Instagram. Scrolling, hash tagging, watching what your favourite celebs are upto? Following your friends and family on all their adventures. Shopping for just about absolutely anything. The fact you can message absolutely anyone on the Instagram web.

Amazing right?

But Instagram can actually take over your mind. Destroy your soul. Take away any confidence you have. Make you over think many things. Without realising your clicking on it refreshing the page scrolling for a min or 2 and going off it. It becomes a habit. It becomes part of your routine.

Then suddenly you find yourself comparing yourself to others. Comparing your lives to others. Wanting things others have. Suddenly your life feels awful compared to others.

The truth is instagram only shows the best part of people’s lives it only shows what people want us to see. Everyone’s lives has their bad shares. Your life isn’t awful it’s just realistic and you live in every minute of it all. You feel every feeling. You make every move. Just like all the others. Just the photographs show big smiles, nice food, nice places and nice clothes doesn’t make them a better person than you.

Do not let Instagram ruin your self esteem.

Do not let Instagram ruin your confidence.

Do not let Instagram jeopardise your self love and worth.

Never compare.

Published by A little bit of this and a lot of that

23 years old. Live in Lytham St Annes. Care Assistant. Big Heart. Big dreams. A lot to say.

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