Bumping into the past when your at peak

Ever seen an ex when you least expect it?

A previous encounter that didn’t end so good?

A previous encounter that never really ended at all?

Someone you spoke to for a little while saw a few times but then it fizzled out?

Now tell me…

How amazing does it feel when your feel at your peak…

you know you look and feel better than what you did when you were involved with them.

Whether they hurt you or didn’t hurt you.

For them few seconds you feel amazing. Unstoppable like no one can touch you.

And the words ‘ your looking well ‘ come out.

Your looking well is the most polite way of saying.

Jesus Christ look at you….

Oh my god you look amazing

And a more subtle way of saying

Fuck I need that in my life

Now when this person left your life or paused there place in your life. You was bothered right?

Whether you told them that or just went quietly. Deep down you was bothered and missed that persons presence. Missed their name popping up on your phone. Missed them.

They probably weren’t bothered at the time because they couldn’t see you. They couldn’t see your facial expressions. They couldn’t hear the lump in your throat. They couldn’t sense your emotion. So it was so easy for them to cut it off or leave or walk away.

But now they’ve seen you.

Everything comes flooding back for them. The memories hit home. Everything that they felt suddenly becomes real.

And you simply say was nice to see you or you keep on walking.

When you walk.

They will start searching for you on social media. Look at your pictures. Reading old messages. Trying to reach out. Thinking about old times. All because they saw you.

And you’ll simply not be that one bit bothered.

For them that was their wake up call.

For you that was closure.

Published by A little bit of this and a lot of that

23 years old. Live in Lytham St Annes. Care Assistant. Big Heart. Big dreams. A lot to say.

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