Online Dating

online dating…. half the population live by it and half the population wouldn’t dream of it.

The truth is…. online dating is what you make of it.

You make a profile, upload your best pictures. Find people you think are attractive and get chatting right???

Oh it is not as easy as that…

Tinder- you swipe yes and no on people you think are attractive in your opinion. If they don’t fancy you they swipe no. Amazing. So if that face never pops up in your matches you know they basically thought you was ugly?

Confidence boost.

If you swipe yes and they’ve already swiped yes, brilliant. It’s a match. But what then? Do you speak first or do they? It’s all so confusing.

You upload new pictures and they react to it even if they’ve never spoken to you before. So is that because they can’t be arsed, don’t know how to approach a person or they want you to talk first. It makes no sense. Why match someone and not speak? Mind boggling at its finest.

Then the conversations….

Everyone bangs on about honesty is the best policy and it is but when people say to you directly I just want fun most people are like ‘ oh ‘ but why? If you only want fun. Isn’t that what your looking for?

Once again that’s a knock in ones confidence as it’s validation your not the type of person they would want to engage with on a more romantic level.

The conversations die out a lot and then what? You don’t speak again or they add you on other forms of social media and you wait to get the ball rolling another way?

It’s all just odd.

Bumble- this is the best one.

You swipe and swipe and swipe but females can only message first. So the males get to pick through all these lovely women but can’t do anything about it until the girl messages.

It’s baffling.

The truth is… online dating apps and websites. What are people going on there for?

A quick hookup? Dating? Meet new people or a relationship?

Because truly I don’t think most of them know. It’s just validation your attractive to others.

it’s hoping the person you swiped yes to swipes you back. it’s hoping your matches message you first.

Online dating is fantastic if your open minded and know what you want. But if it’s an angry lash out because you’ve had a bad breakup or your bored and you don’t know what the hell your doing it’s not ideal. You have to be ready for the comments and proposals that await you.

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23 years old. Live in Lytham St Annes. Care Assistant. Big Heart. Big dreams. A lot to say.

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