first time ever at the gym

Joining a gym and going for the first is actually scary as hell. My anxiety was through the roof. I thought everyone would laugh stare point and whisper.

Yesterday I walked in and you put your code in go in a cubicle and suddenly the doors open and your in. All these machines, everywhere, different areas. I take one look and think what on earth is that for?

Big muscly men lifting weights making strange noises. Surely that can’t be therapeutic…

Skinny men who are sweating and look like their in pain…

Stunning girls who everyone just stares at…

Girls who sit on their phone and try to look like there doing something…

Where do I fit into this???

Will people laugh if I do something slow?

Will people laugh if I do something wrong?

My brain is mush.

I wore a baggy t shirt as I didn’t want people to judge me. I feel like everyone’s staring.

An hour and a half later it turns out everyone is just nice. People smile and say hi. They smile as your working out. Your all there for the same reason. To improve yourself.

My anxiety of gyms is now clear and I now see it as a community rather than a building where people judge. Getting over something you are scared of really is a good feeling.

You feel like you’ve conquered something…

Published by A little bit of this and a lot of that

23 years old. Live in Lytham St Annes. Care Assistant. Big Heart. Big dreams. A lot to say.

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